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Why Excliv? Jewelry has long been perceived as a woman’s adornment, as something meant to enhance her appearance. While we don't wish to change what is a woman's, Excliv was created to recognize that men, too, can enhance their appearance with the right jewelry.   Today’s men understand the value of their appearance. Their actions, clothing, hairstyles, and even their watches, have been the primary ways that men show their individuality and set themselves apart from the ordinary. Excliv was designed for these men – men who are confident, stylish and recognize the importance of appearance. The collections are as diverse as the men that choose them and they appreciate the inspiration that drives the collections' designs. These men want the same in their jewelry as they do in other products they choose – high quality, good value and easy, one-stop shopping. All Excliv men's jewelry is 925 Sterling Silver. All pieces are either Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver or Black Oxidized Sterling Silver.  This extra plating ensures a long-lasting finish.  You'll recognize the quality of Excliv the moment you see it and wear it. Highest quality -- like you. Men of today, get style and get strong. Take action and take your place. Be you! This is Excliv.

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